At Ayr Guitar we carry out a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services to ensure your instrument performs to the very best of its ability.

Restring and Instrument Maintenance

Keep your instrument freshly strung, playing and sounding its best, with regular setups.

Intonation, Action, Truss Rod Adjustment

Regular playing stress and environmental factors such as changes in temperature and humidity can drastically alter the way your instrument performs causing buzzing, high action and tuning issues. Bring your axe to Ayr Guitar for some T.L.C.

Personalized Setup Upgrades and Modifications

At Ayr Guitar we can tailor setups and alterations to your specific requirements. Pop in for a free consultation.

Wiring and Pickup Install, Electrical Upgrades and Customization

We can supply and install pickups from industry leaders such as Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle. Customized wiring and alterations can be discussed and made in house.

Bone Nut and Compensated Saddle Replacements

Improve the tone, action and overall feel with these after-market upgrades.

Headstock and Structural Repair

Crazy gigs, too much beer, angry partners...many factors can contribute to a broken guitar. Get those cracks and bruises sorted at Ayr Guitar.

Brass, Woodwind and Strings Repairs

Ask us for details.

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